British Potato 09: Nemathorin application changed to overall incorporation

The label recommendation for in-furrow application of the nematicide Nemathorin is being removed in favour of overall incorporation, Syngenta‘s Tom Whitworth said at British Potato 2009.

Applying overall and then incorporating meant the chemical was evenly distributed throughout the whole ridge not just around the mother tuber giving better protection of daughter tubers as they grew out into the ridge, he explained.

No change in rate would be needed for PCN control, with it remaining at 30kg/ha. That rate would also be required now for a reduction in spraing from free-living nematode control, an increase from the previous rate of 15kg/ha, which remained the rate for a reduction in wireworms, he said.

Overall applications could still be done on the planter using specialised kit, or as a separate pass in front of the planter. “The key is to spray and incorporate in one movement though.”

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