Check the harvest weather forecast with FWi’s new service

Farmers Weekly has launched a new online weather service for harvest to help farmers get an accurate view of weather conditions.

The new service gives you an in-depth forecast for the next 36 hours and is perfect for assessing your combining activity.

The weather map is colour-coded to give you a simple overview of conditions; red means poor conditions, yellow means combining is possible and green means get combining now.

The colour codes take into consideration a combination of weather conditions – rainfall, overnight dew, humidity, wind speed and cloud cover and packages up the information to give you an overall picture.

To see the 36-hour period, you simply hit the start button to see the weather patterns.


The Radar button shows you the rain forecast and you can zoom right into your farm area in detail.



The new service is easy to find and featured on the home page, weather channel and Harvest Highlights page. You can set your location on the weather page.



We’d love your feedback on the weather tool to help us tailor our weather service to be as useful to you as possible.

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