Crimped maize may prove valuable feed this winter

Finishers looking for an alternative feed source this winter could benefit from taking a look at crimped maize from the Amaizeing Feed Company.

Harvested as dry grain in the early autumn, the maize crop was then crimped and packaged into 1t bales which could be transported easily, said the company’s Bill Brogden.

“With a dry matter content of 67-70%, crude protein levels of about 10% and an ME value of 14-14.5, it can make a useful addition to winter rations for either beef or dairy cattle or sheep.”

Bulk supply

Farmers who wanted a bulk supply could arrange to clamp the maize on-farm, but with few farms having space to clamp an additional feed, many would prefer to have it baled, said Mr Brogden.

“And deliveries can be staggered across the season to suit both farmer needs and cash flow.”

On top of crimped maize, the company also offers mixed feeds containing wheat, maize and soya in the same bales.

Prices range from £115-£130/t for maize and £130-£140/t for mixed feeds.

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