Twitter round-up: Winter wheat T2 applications are all-go

With T2 fungicide sprays going onto the more forward winter wheat crops, thoughts turn to growers who have experienced a particularly tricky season with an exceptionally wet winter and dry spring who are now aiming to keep the flag leaf free from disease.

T2 fungicide treatments are the most significant in terms of protecting final yields, as the top two leaves contribute up to 70% of the crop’s final yield. 

Applications should, therefore, be applied when the flag leaf is fully emerged, typically using three modes of action which include an SDHI, an azole and a multisite to provide adequate levels of protection against septoria and rusts.

We take a look at the tweets that have arisen as growers, agronomists and operators get into the swing of the most important fungicide timing, and what such a challenging season means for fungicide applications.

Sean Sparling, independent agronomist in Lincolnshire, has clients busy applying T2 applications to winter wheat crops, but highlights how crops are incredibly varied this season due to such unsettled weather conditions, with some wheat fields not even reached stem elongation yet.

Farm manager and crop consultant, Samuel Clarke who farms near Banbury, Oxfordshire, shares this picturesque view of a Cotswold wheat crop, soon to be at its T2 timing. What it needs now is some rain!

Norfolk grower and contract farmer, Kit Papworth expresses his concerns over his wheat crop as it struggles in drought conditions, and wonders what fungicide rate he should be using?

Amie Hunter, Hutchinson’s agronomist based in Cornwall is out and about checking wheat crops with her border terrier to ensure optimum T2 timing and maximum yields for farmers.

Mike Farrell, who manages a predominantly arable estate in north-west Hampshire shares this pretty picture of a phacelia crop with his Costello wheat that is now due its T2 spray featuring in the background.

Field biologists at Syngenta are also busy at the group’s Rougham Innovation Centre in Suffolk preparing for T2 applications on their crop trials this week.

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