Video: Farmers explain why glyphosate is vital

Farmers are being urged to make the case for glyphosate by lobbying their MPs and MEPs to explain the agrochemical’s importance on farms.

The NFU wants the European Commission to extend glyphosate’s licence for another 15 years. But anti-pesticide lobby groups are pushing for an outright ban of the herbicide.

France signalled this week it may vote against the re-authorisation of this vital weedkiller as uncertainty persists over its risk to human health.

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However, assessments by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) have concluded that glyphosate is safe.

At the 150th Bucks County Show on Thursday (31 August), both the NFU and farmers stressed the importance of keeping glyphosate in the grower’s toolbox.

Farmers were urged explain why the chemical was so necessary on social media using the hashtag #glyphosateisvital.

The NFU has warned glyphosate’s loss would cost the industry millions of pounds, deal a massive blow to min-till farming methods, decrease yields and lead to environmental damage.

Watch the video of farmers explaining why glyphosate is vital.


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