Perry belt dryer takes on anything from cereals to woodchip

Devon grain-handling kit maker Perry of Oakley has launched a belt dryer that claims to be able to dry anything from woodchip to cereals and granular products to recycled waste.

Via a touchscreen, drying woodchip can be specified at a rate of 10t/hour with a 30% moisture reduction, while wheat-drying at up to 60t/hour offers a 5% moisture reduction.

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The unit is fully galvanised and has a modular design with 2.1m length increments and three different widths – 1.5m , 2.2m and  3m.

The belt is made from woven 316 stainless steel and comes with a wide range of perforations to suit the product being dried.

It is capable of drying with product depths ranging from 50-250mm to allow for optimum moisture content removal and power consumption.

Axial or centrifugal fans accommodate lower air speeds and pressure than centrifugal fans and need less power.

Various heat sources can be used, including a standard burner (diesel, kerosene or gas), a fully biomass fired burner or heat exchangers to receive heat from an existing biomass boilers or other sources.