Difficult end to Cambridgeshire harvest

Cambridgeshire grower Anthony Morbey expected to wrap up the last of his wheat harvest today (Sept 4). “It has been a bit stop-start here but we’re very nearly finished now.”

Yields from 400ha (1000acres) of Robigus, Solstice and Alchemy were about average this year. “We had some very high individual results, but some were low, so it was just a good average this year.”

While quality was not so important with feed wheat, it had been good, although rain meant it had suffered towards the end of harvest.

He planned to grow similar varieties next year.

Mr Morbey said he was pleased with how the wheat and oilseed rape harvest had gone this year. “The prices are coming up a bit and so I’ve a little optimism.”

He was half way through drilling oilseed rape. “We’ve got a slight slug problem so the slug pellet bill will be quite high, and it has been a bit stop-start with the weather.”

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