Drought increases oat screenings

Oat and oilseed rape harvesting has come to the end for Isle of Wight farmer Mark Orlick.

The dry weather has meant combining is ahead of schedule, but it has also lead to an increase in screenings and a drop in specific weight in the oats.

The drought has also meant lower yields than usual in the Gerald and Kinross oats at 7t/ha. Pollen and the hybrid Hardy oilseed rape was about average at 3t/ha.

Moisture contents were around normal, with the oilseed rape coming in at 8% and oats at 12%.

  • Crop: Oilseed rape
  • Variety: Pollen and Hybrid Hardy
  • Area: 20 ha each
  • Yield: 3t/ha
  • Quality: Moisture 8%


  • Crop: Oats
  • Variety: Gerald and Kinross
  • Area: 27 hectares each
  • Yield: 7t/ha
  • Quality: Moisture 12%

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