DSV launches first UK wheat varieties

The first results of DSV’s UK wheat breeding programme were evident at Cereals, with the company exhibiting two potential Group 2 varieties from its UK efforts as well as a German quality wheat.

Chilton, which is up for recommendation later this year, is the highest yielding bread-making candidate and has good resistance to lodging as well as a reasonable disease package, which includes a 9 for eyespot, said DSV’s Matthew Kirton.

It is, however, still awaiting National Listing, which the company hopes will be through by September.

Skylark, another potential Group 2, is in NL2, he said. “Matrix is a German variety, which fits in with our target of producing Group 1 and 2 varieties for the UK market.”

A further three hybrid winter oilseed rape varieties were also on show, joining DSV’s current line-up of Compass, Flash, Dimension and Hammer.

“The new offerings – Primus, Climber and Record – are all short, stiff, early types,” said Mike Mann. “Although they’re not on the Recommended List, they’re all being sold by various retailers who know that growers appreciate the benefits of shorter hybrids.”

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