Early start for Scots winter barley

Winter barley harvest started a week to ten days ahead of normal near Kelso in the Scottish Borders, Stuart Fuller-Shapcott told FWi Harvest Highlights from his combine.

“Things have come on very quickly over recent weeks. It’s only the second time in 20 years we’ve been combining this early – we normally don’t start until the end of the month.”

Some 15ha (37 acres) of Pearl was coming in at just over 13% moisture and he expects yields to be about 7.5t/ha (3t/acre). “It’s maybe slightly shy of where we normally are, but I’d be happy to get 3t/acre.”

Bushel weights were “good”, but he does not yet know whether crops will make malting quality.

Oilseed rape is being desiccated with Roundup (glyphosate) today and Mr Fuller-Shapcott reckons crops should be ready in the next two-three weeks, depending on the weather.

In contrast to many other parts of the country, he said his wheat is holding on very well and many crops are still a healthy shade of “John Deere green”.

“We haven’t had the scorching weather that some places have and we’re on pretty heavy land. Some second wheats are turning a little, but I expect most spring barley will be done before the wheat.”

  • Crop: Winter barley
  • Variety: Pearl
  • Area: 15ha
  • Yield: 7.5t/ha at 13% moisture

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