East: Lack of spray days makes for a challenging month

Last week wheat T1 fungicides were finally applied along with the balance of any chlormequat based PGR programs. 


Most wheat crops are now at GS 32/33, I expect the flag leaf will emerge within two weeks.  T2 timings are now being planned.  T2 will need to be robust as the threat of septoria is great and infection is already likely to have to have occurred.  A fungicide programme  with strong curative properties will be required.  The SDHI group of chemicals with a septoria active triazole or a large loading of triazoles (at least 2 septoria active triazoles) will be the backbone on any treatment. 


We need to be thinking about fusarium risk, if the wet season prevails.  Varieties such as Gallant and Grafton are particularly susceptible according to the HGCA list, prothioconazole and an SDHI at T2 followed by prothioconazole,  tebuconazole, metconazol mix at T3 could be appropriate.  As the fungicide timings are now close together we should be able to keep the ear clean with appropriate products and a more favourable weather forecast.

Winter barley crops are now showing the awns.  The weather has been very unkind to these crops and, like the wheat crops, few have received the fungicides at the ideal time.  T1 timing came late, when the disease pressure was high and PGR applications were compromised. T2 fungicide applications will start within 10 days, dependant on when the last fungicide was applied.   An SDHI, triazole product will be appropriate.


OSR crops are still in full flower.  At the start of the season a two spray sclerotinia programme was planned.  Some crops have just received a second spray, this has generally been prothioconazole based, the inclusion of tebuconazole for alternaria (dark pod spot) I feel is essential.  All crops will hopefully have received a second spray within a week.  If the flowering period is extended a third spray may be appropriate.


Sugar beet crops are causing sleepless nights!  With frosts, heavy rain, hail, bird damage, slugs and the lack of spray days, the agronomy has not been easy.  It is a good job we have some very good modern preformulated herbicides!

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