East: OSR desiccation begins

Oilseed rape desiccation has begun with crops on lighter land reaching glyphosate timing this week and heavier land crops ready into the following week.  The wetted and buffered glyphosate products help to translocate the active ingredient through the large OSR canopy.

Added humectants also improve uptake by slowing the rapid drying of spray droplets on the plant which can occur during hot bright conditions.  A pod sealant will also be mixed with the glyphosate to reduce harvest losses.  The cost of the pod sealant is covered by approximately 35kg/ha increase in yield.

Blackgrass seed samples will be taken as seed matures over the next couple of weeks.  Areas of fields where control was poorer than expected have been noted and samples will be taken to build a picture of resistance development.  

Where resistance to Atlantis/Pacifica is confirmed more reliance will have to be placed on cultural control.  When wheat features again in the rotation mixtures and sequences of residual herbicides will form the bulk of the grassweed control program. 

Varietal choice will be dictated by marketing strategy but some varieties offer grassweed control benefits due to CTU tolerance and/or a more competitive growth habit.  There may be opportunities to site these varieties on the worst grassweed fields.

Entry Level Scheme renewals are underway.  The online application process seems to be more efficient than the paper-based approach but in some cases it remains a challenge to find the points required to make up the shortfall created by the loss of the management plan options.

Farmers Weekly Awards 2022

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Farmers Weekly Awards 2022

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