Essex crops suffered in drought

Essex farmer Tim Cooper finished harvest a week ago in Wix.

“It was not too bad. Yields were fairly poor but at least they were better than last year.”

Malacca came in at up to 8.75t/ha (3.5t/ac) from 140ha (350ac) of wheat, with low bushel weights, high protein levels and Hagbergs of over 350. The crops were all fairly dry when they came in so he was pleased there were low drying costs, but he said the crops suffered in the drought.

He planned to grow mostly Solstice next year with less sugar beet, more oilseed rape and the same amount of wheat. His crops had been sold on a forward contract.

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Malacca
• Area: 140ha
• Yield: 8.75t/ha
• Quality: Bushel weight low, high protein, Hagberg over 350

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