Cereals 2022: Bayer launches OSR seed delivery guarantee

To help oilseed rape growers manage their risk, Bayer has extended its establishment scheme to all its varieties and launched a new early seed delivery guarantee.

The scheme enables growers to claim £100/bag back through their seed supplier in the event of a crop failing to establish.

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This applies to crops sown before 20 September and has proved popular with growers by sharing the risk of establishing OSR crops, especially given the cabbage stem flea beetle threat.

The scheme has previously covered selected varieties, but this has now been extended to all Dekalb varieties for drilling this summer.

Last year also saw OSR seed supply difficulties across the seed trade due to a combination of  late harvest, a move to earlier OSR drilling and Brexit affecting seed imports.

To remove the worry of seed not being delivered in time for the earliest plantings, Bayer has introduced a guarantee.

“We deliberately increased our seed production last season,” says Adam Nears, Bayer seed and seed treatment business manager.

“Having stored it under the best conditions and subjected it to our usual stringent quality control, we have sufficient top quality seed of key varieties already in the country to offer a special early delivery, as well as establishment guarantee.”

Growers who place orders for the four Dekalb varieties suited to early drilling – Expose, Excited, Exstar and Extremus – before July will have it on farm by 15 July.

For farmers wishing to grow Clearfield or high oleic, low linolenic (Holl) varieties, the same delivery guarantee extends to Imove, Imprint and V367OL.

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