Excellent wheat at Reed Court Farm

Jonathan Tipples is particularly pleased with his wheat crop at Reed Court Farm, Marden, Kent, with harvest finished some time ago.

“All 250ha of wheat was down to Group two Panorama, as it gives me a range of markets to sell into,” he said.

“It yielded 9.8t/ha with bushel weights between 72kg/hl and 75kg/hl, which was remarkable for the season.”

The 170ha of rapeseed didn’t do too badly either, yielding 3.75t/ha across the board.

“The rapeseed was down on last year but probably on par with the long term average,” said Mr Tipples.

With harvest complete, he had been drilling wheat since Tuesday (18 September), with all of his rapeseed now in the ground.

“We gave the rape crop a pre-emergence spray and now it’s up and has two true leaves. It went in fairly well with our Sumo but it could just do with a little shower to freshen it up. But you’ve got to be careful what you wish for.”

All of the wheat acreage was going back into Panorama.

“It has done extremely well so we’re sowing it again. Our thousand grain weight is around 50g so it’s pretty good, and I doubt I’ll have any trouble finding a market for it.”

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