Exceptional harvest near Alton

Daniel Crawford has had an exceptional year at Neatham Farms, Alton, Hampshire, with just about everything hitting the premium grade.

The 222ha of winter wheat, split between JB Diego, Gallant and Claire, yielded well, although that slightly compromised protein contents.

“We’ve had an average of 9.9t/ha, with everything cut around 13% moisture,” Mr Crawford said. “It was fantastic not to have to put it through the dryer.”

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter oilseed rape
  • Varieties: Cabernet and Avatar
  • Area: 101ha
  • Yield: 3t/ha

But Cabernet and Avatar oilseed rape was disappointing at only 3t/ha.

“It’s frustrating as it looked fantastic early in the year, but as the combine went through the yields just weren’t there.”

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In contrast, the 85ha of Sanette and Tipple were outstanding, with Sanette reaching an astonishing 9.9t/ha. Tipple came in at 6.9t/ha, which was also very pleasing for the farm.

“The sample was good and everything has hit malting quality. It’s just a shame Sanette hasn’t been quite approved yet,” Mr Crawford added.

Canyon spring oats were about average for the farm, making the grade on bushel weight and coming in at 13% moisture.

With just spring beans left to cut, Mr Crawford was well underway with getting next year’s oilseed rape into the ground.

“We’ve got about 10ha left to go, and Avatar is already up and away,” he said. “It’s been a great year although it’s a shame that prices are so low.

“On the brighter side, the beans are looking good with plenty of pods. If the weather holds, we’ll get in with the combine and round up the year nicely.”

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