Eyespot resistance to cut second wheat costs

Growers will be familiar with choosing a wheat variety to cut costs on growth regulators and wheat orange blossom midge sprays.

Now they can save on eyepot control too, thanks to genetic resistance from breeder Nickerson.

The company says it is has bread VPM eyespot resistance into its variety Hyperion, a resistance gene which has, hitherto, been associated with poor specific weights and low yields.

But now it says its new variety manages to combine resistance with stiff straw, good specific weight and high yields.

“This makes it just that little bit special,” says breeder Bill Angus.

Across Nickerson’s own second wheat farmer trials, Hyperion averaged 112% yield over three years compared to controls.

“TAG data supports this with 109% across six sites,” Mr Angus claims. In addition, growers will be able to save 7/ha on eyespot sprays.


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