Farmer Focus: On the hunt for a spring cover crop mix

We are out of the EU! Three and a half years after the referendum, and when it came down to the day, it did not even make the top news story.

I appreciate there is a lot to be sorted in the next 11 months, but a least now there is some direction.

Cropping plans are being rejigged with the objective being not to disrupt the rotation and to have the least financial impact on the business, not only for this harvest but the following one as well.

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Fallowing land is an option being explored, as this will potentially be the only way to establish oilseed rape early.

The trouble with such a large potential area of spring cropping is that it pushes a large proportion of harvest into September, which for us is not ideal.

The prospect of uncropped land will not be wasted, as this will provide a very rare opportunity to carry out drainage repairs and ditch maintenance when ground conditions are favorable.

It is also planned not to leave the ground bare. A cover crop of some type will be planted.

Something that maximises the use of the sunlight’s energy throughout the early summer months and will enhance and aid OSR establishment at the beginning of August. Any suggestions most welcome.

Higher costs

Once again, our annual ADHB Benchmarking meeting was one of the highlights of the winter.

It is a great way to benchmark your cost of production against similar business within a similar region.

I was slightly disappointed with my results this year, but having digested the information further there are some positives to take from it.

Hopefully by the time you read this we have had the forecasted dry week and so been able to get the application machines out to stretch their legs for the first time since October.

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