Farmers Weekly revitalised

Farmers Weekly rings the changes this week with a fresh design, new practical content, and a more positive tone.

It’s the biggest set of changes to the magazine in 20 years and, with farming experiencing such momentous upheavals, it’s an ideal time to review what we do to keep pace with your information needs.

We’ve listened to over 4500 readers to find out what you think and expect from us in the future and we’ve been evolving.

This week, all the adjustments come together in the form of a revitalised Farmers Weekly offering maximum value to your business and way of life.

Our goal is to deliver a publication which is practical, forward looking, challenging, engaging as well as authoritative and independent every week.

You’ve told us you want reliable business advice, technical support to improve farm performance, plus news and analysis which helps predict the future – warts and all.

This issue gives a flavour of the fresh approach including a new test-yourself learning series called FW Academy, step-by-step technical guidance and 1000s of great classified deals in our easier to use FW Marketplace. 

Readers have challenged us to project more optimism about farming to the public and to reflect the joy of rural life too.

We can deliver all this with the talent of the Farmers Weekly team behind us and by being resourceful with our improved website FWi (

Farmers Weekly’s new strap line is Working for your farming future – it’s our commitment to you. British farming has a prosperous outlook but we are realistic about the uncertainty which lies ahead for many.

My mission, as the new editor, is to ensure Farmers Weekly is as relevant to farmers in the future as it has been in the past. We hope you enjoy this issue.

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Need a contractor?

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