Feed values to trim costs

FURTHER FALLS in world feed wheat values should help to trim livestock producers‘ production costs.

Ex farm prices are now quoted at £57-£60/t for September, depending on region and specification.

Futures prices indicate no more than a £7/t rise from now until July 2005.

The soya market has also weakened, with delivered supplies available in the £145-£150/t region.

European average pig meat prices have maintained their three-month rally, rising from 89p/kg deadweight in May to 101p/kg now.

Prices in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France are all in the 102-111p/kg range – well ahead of current UK quotes.

But the GB Euro Deadweight Adjusted Pig Price continues to lose ground as lower feed prices have cut cost-of-production abattoir contracts, which form a significant part of the DAPP sample.

It has fallen from 109p in April to 100.01p/kg for the week ending Sept 4.

But spot markets continue to rally, with most buyers prepared to bid 2-4p more for deliveries this week (commencing Sept 13).

Further rises in spot bacon quotes are expected into the autumn, with the 100p/kg barrier now within reach.

The value of cull sows continues to improve, with most export plants bidding 80-85p/kg.

This has been helped by the stable Euro, which opened on Sept 13 at 68.3p.

Weaner prices are also expected to rise soon and remain under-valued, with the Meat and Livestock Commission 30kg average at £30.35/head ex-farm.

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