Formulation boosts seed treatment efficacy

A new formulation that could improve the efficacy and flowability of some treated seed has been launched by Syngenta.

The ‘Formula M Technology’ reduces the viscosity of the liquid treatment applied to the seed, which improves coverage and also ensures less of the product comes off in the drill or seed treatment plant, the company claimed.

Beret Gold (fludioxonil) will be the first seed treatment to get the new technology, in time for this autumn’s plantings, but Syngenta is planning to include it in any new fludioxonil-based products, explained the firm’s Garth Bretherton.

In European Syngenta trials last year, the new formulation consistently improved crop establishment by 4.5% and also gave 7% better crop vigour compared to the old formulation, he said.

Better flowability also meant 15% more seed was treated and bagged in one hour and dust-off was cut by up to 80%, he said.

Mr Bretherton said that products containing the new technology will not be at a price premium to old formulations.