Fortnight ahead in Herefordshire

Harvest was running “pretty steady at the moment” for Philip Gorringe at Lower Blakemere Farm, Herefordshire. He cut 16ha of Saffron winter barley yesterday (July 20) which yielded 8.1t/ha. “I think yields are lower than last year because the crops dried out but it’s pretty early to tell.”

Winter wheat was drying out very quickly and “getting riper by the day”. He was concerned yields would be compromised by the lack of water but said the crops were going off evenly.

Some of his lightest land had droughted out, but he had not suffered as badly as some. “We’re definitely a fortnight ahead of where we should be. I expect this will affect yields but it is difficult to say.”

He added: “It’s all coming in very quickly and we’ve still got a lot ahead of us.”

• Crop: Winter barley
• Variety: Saffron
• Area: 16ha. 60ha remain.
• Yield: 8.1t/ha

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