Getting on well at Strathisla

Fine weather has seen Adrian Ivory combining today (19 August) at Strathisla Farms, Meigle, Perthshire.

“We started spring barley on 13 August and we’ll be 60% through it now. We’re getting on quite well, considering we had 5.5 inches of rain in July.”

Optic spring barley was yielding about average at 5.6-6.2t/ha (2.25-2.5t/acre), and quality was good at 1.3-1.4% nitrogen and 68.9kg/hl.

Cypress winter barley also yielded about average, at 7-7.2t/ha (2.85-2.9t/acre).

After another 117ha (290 acres) of spring barley, Mr Ivory would be into 162ha (400 acres) of Viscount, Istabraq and Alchemy winter wheat, which looked well.

“I suspect we’ll be into it before finishing the spring barley – we could start some by the end of the weekend.

“The Istrabraq looks the best, and the Viscount is the worst – I will drop it this year and go back to Robigus.”

Although farmers were keen to get combining in the area, many crops were not quite fit, he added. “The forecast is alright, and I haven’t seen anything flat yet.”

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Optic
Area: 126ha (310 acres)
Yield: 5.6-6.2t/ha (2.25-2.5t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Cypress
Area: 73ha (180 acres)
Yield: 7-7.2t/ha (2.85-2.9t/acre)

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