Good progress at Rookery Farm

Harvest is progressing well at Bob Clabon’s Rookery Farm, North Walsham, Norfolk, despite being rained off yesterday afternoon (22 July).

So far he had cut 60ha (148 acres) of Flagon winter barley, which had yielded 7-7.5t/ha (2.8-3t/acre) – about average for the farm.

“We’ve been very dry here, so it’s not a complete disaster. It came off at between 11% and 13% moisture, which is almost too dry because we’ll have weight loss.”

It had all passed for malting quality, with low screenings and a nitrogen content of 1.3-1.55%.

“Hopefully we be going again later today, as we’ve got another 100ha (250 acres) to do.”

With no oilseed rape, Mr Clabon said there would then be a gap before anything else was ripe.

“We’ve got a little bit of spring barley, which might come before the wheat – the wheat is still 10-14 days away.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Flagon
Area: 60ha (148 acres)
Yield: 7-7.5t/ha (2.8-3t/acre)

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