Harvest Highlights: Easy Scottish harvest

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As many growers in Scotland near the end of harvest, reports suggest progress has been less affected by the rain than those south of the border.

Scottish grower Mike Cumming said harvest had been a “pleasant relief” having finished in record time on August 31.

“Spring barley and winter wheat harvest was exceptionally easy and went smoothly for us.”

He was pleased the majority of his spring barley had been sold for malting with nitrogen levels mostly under 1.65%. Moisture levels of wheat had all come in at 16.5-18.5%, which he said was good for his area.

Andrew Peddie only had 12ha (30acres) of Robigus winter wheat left to cut in Fife. Yields were above average and bushel weights were high. Moisture levels all came in at 15-17% compared with normal levels of 20-22%.

“I’m fairly happy – it has been an easy harvest with good quality.”

But Gerald Erwin said harvest was “just getting started” in Crumlin, Northern Ireland, having only had two days combining in the past three weeks. Yields had been “reasonably good” for spring barley and winter wheat, but he said the biggest problem was high moisture.

Grain trading manager Andrew Sedgwick said there was still some spring beans and winter wheat to cut in the East Midlands. Wheat yields had held up well in standing crops, despite the rain, but quality had gone and any laid crops were sprouting.

“At the moment it’s literally just snatching it when you can.”

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