Harvest Highlights photos to keep you smiling

The photos in Farmers Weekly‘s Harvest Highlights picture gallery provide a rolling pictorial record of harvest – and just occasionally make us laugh out loud.

Sometimes we get sent photos by readers that give a wholly different perspective on farming and harvest – pictures that make us smile (which, in a summer like this one, is no bad thing). Three such photos have arrived at Farmers Weekly recently.

This is Conway Freeman of A A Freeman & Son Agricultural Contractors wing-walking for his 50th birthday in mid-July.

Wing-walking at harvest time

“I was doing some ‘crop inspecting’,” says Conway of Friends Farm, Epwell, Oxfordshire. “The rape was nearly there but the wheat was still green. The experience was brilliant.”

Meanwhile, Nick Dunford, who farms near Andover, sent us the picture of his daughter Laura doing the Usain Bolt pose on a combine (the local radio station had asked for photos of people imitating the athlete’s famous pose). Nick called the picture “the fastest combine in Hampshire”.

Usain Bolt pose

“Harvest is slow and snatchy, not easy again,” adds Nick.

And dog lovers everywhere will like the shot uploaded to gallery user “Cereal Joe” – it shows “Digby supervising Jamie Stokes harvesting oilseed rape on his New Holland CR9080 in Warboys, Cambridgeshire”.

Digby the dog

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