Harvest roundup: Thursday

Showers are making harvest something of a lottery today, with some farmers able to get on at last, while others remain at a standstill.

In Portaferry, Co.Down, Raymond Wilson hoped to be combining this afternoon (30 July) after yesterday’s heavy rain caused delays.

So far he had cut 40ha (100 acres) of Volume and Camion winter barley, both of which had performed well at up to 9.9t/ha (4t/acre).

Harvest was probably only about 5% complete in the area, he said.

In the Scottish borders Neil Thomson was combining winter barley after being rained off since 13 July.

“The barley is all still standing, which is remarkable, and travelling is alright.”

But in Wiltshire rain continued to frustrate David Hues’ efforts to make a start on his oilseed rape.

So far he had cut about 140ha (350 acres) of Sequel winter barley, and was pleased with above average yields.

Jonathan Lloyd was also rained off in Norfolk, having finished the winter barley and the best of the oilseed rape.

“The worst of the pigeon-damaged crops are still to come. We’ve also got some that’s had some hail damage.”

Rain damage was also beginning to concern Alistair Pinkerton at Blackbird’s Farm, Hertfordshire, where harvest finally got underway this afternoon, four weeks after spraying off oilseed rape.

 “I’d like to have started a fortnight ago but we’ve just had continual showers. We don’t want any more heavy rain as I think we could start to see some pod shatter.”

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