Harvest underway in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire farmer Chris Hewis yesterday cut 6ha of Pearl winter barley at his farm in Habrough. He was pleased with the yield of 7.4t/ha and moisture at 13.5% and hopeful it would meet malting contract spec.

With hot and sunny 25-degree “holiday weather”, Mr Hewis expected to continue with the remaining 36ha of winter barley today.

He was pleased with progress of his wheat because the crop was still green. “We’re lucky to be on heavy land so the wheat is not going off like it is for others in the area.”

He added that the spring barley was looking well and still filling, and was pleased his oilseed rape would be ready for cutting in the next couple of weeks.

“At the moment we are pleased – the crops are looking well and heavier than last year.”

  • Crop:  Winter Barley
  • Variety: Pearl
  • Area:  6ha (of 42ha)
  • Yield:  7.4t/ha
  • Quality: 13.5% moisture

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