Harvest 2021: The 5 top-yielding spring barley varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2021’s AHDB wheat Recommended List harvest results.

Use the map below to find the five highest-yielding spring barley varieties at your nearest trials site.

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See also: 5 top-yielding winter barley varieties

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Spring barley summary

Results are in from 11 Recommended List trial sites and the control varieties are averaging 8.08t/ha, hearly half a tonne above the five-year average (7.59t/ha).

 So far, the highest yields have come in from Scotland, but even some of the English trials are yielding above the five-year average.

Yields from two of the 11 fungicide untreated trials are also now in (6.99 t/ha) and these too are above the five-year average (6.73 t/ha). However, with many of these trials still to report, it is too early to draw any conclusions about performance in 2022.



Spring barley variety selection

For the malting varieties, results continue show the newly recommended variety Jensen as highest yielding of the recommended varieties (104%), alongside newly recommended Bronte and Skyway (104%).

Market leader Laureate is just behind on 103%. Also on 103% is Tungsten. Although Tungsten has been removed from the list of varieties for brewing and malt distilling by the Malting Barley Committee, it is equal on yield with the highest yielding feed variety in 2022 (Cadiz).

The other newly recommended variety Spinner is currently on 102%, alongside Firefoxx and Splendor. Although, like Tungsten, Splendor has been removed from the list of varieties for brewing and malt distilling by the MBC.

Other key varieties in the market have performed close to their five-year average, with Planet on 100% of controls, Diablo on 99% and Sassy on 98%. Though Diablo has done better in the Scottish trials, where its key market is.

For the feed varieties, Cadiz, on 103%, has done well in 2022, but newly recommended for the West variety Malvern (101%) and Prospect (100%) are underperforming their five-year averages in these trials. Though Malvern has done well in the Herefordshire trial (106%).

Described Null-lox variety CB Score, added to the list last year, is on 101%.

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