Harvest 2022: The 5 top-yielding winter OSR varieties map

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from the AHDB’s 2022 oilseed rape Recommended List harvest results.

Use the map below to find the five highest-yielding oilseed rape varieties at your nearest trials site.

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Oilseed rape summary

With results from 12 sites, the 2022 gross output value of the control varieties (5.72 t/ha) is nearly 0.5t/ha higher than the four-year average (5.23 t/ha).

The strong yields are partly due to good autumn establishment conditions and the relative absence of flea beetle damage compared with some recent years.


Oilseed rape varieties

In the current data for 2022, the highest-yielding recommended varieties are three UK hybrid varieties: Aviron, newly recommended Auckland and Aurelia (all on 105%).

UK recommended hybrid variety Ambassador is close behind (104%). Newly recommended Annika is the leading conventional variety on yield (102%), followed by Acacia (101%).

In 2022, Crocodile, with a specific recommendation for growing on land with common strains of clubroot in the East/West, continues to do well (103%).

On 98%, newly recommended Matrix CL is the highest yielding of the herbicide-tolerant varieties, with Constructor CL on 95%.

So far, some varieties have underperformed compared with their four-year averages. With results due in from more trials, the picture may change.

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