Inputs price monitor shows real costs of doing business

Latest results from the NFU/Farmers Weekly Inputs Price Monitor show farmers paid £300/t for ammonium nitrate in January, broadly similar to December’s £303/t prices. But granular urea cost 2% more on the month at £310/t, with Triple Super Phosphate at £365/t.

IPM results are monitored carefully to ensure they are a representative benchmark for prices paid by real farmers in the month in question, said NFU inputs adviser Peter Garbutt. “We do get a wide range of prices, as product is still arriving on farms that was ordered in July. But we can identify those anomalies to make sure the data remains representative.”

The effect of higher oil prices has made itself felt in farmers’ cash accounts. The cheapest price paid by farmers taking part in the survey was 51p/litre while one unfortunate farmer had to take red diesel at 80p/litre. The sobering average was 62.8p/litre at a time of year farm from peak usage on farms.

“We will include kerosene heating oil in our February survey,” added Mr Garbutt. “We did carry out a snap kerosene survey in December which showed prices spike from about 47p/litre to 76p/litre, and flagged this up clearly to DEFRA and the Department for Energy and Climate Change.”

Other farm costs continue to rise. Livestock feed and bedding prices are still significantly higher than a year ago. Farmers told us they had paid £40/t for brewers’ grains and £79/t for big square-baled wheat straw.

Inputs Price Monitor January 2011 Average prices

AN34.5%                    £300/t

Urea                            £310/t

TSP                             £365/t

Red diesel                  £62.8p/litre 


The more farmers that take part in the Inputs Price Monitor, the better the data. The simple online form takes less than two minutes to complete and helps us provide an accurate guide to the prices being paid by real farm businesses. Go to to take part in February’s survey.

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