Kent OSR very dry

Moisture content on Martin Boulden’s oilseed rape was extremely low at 4.7%. The Ashford grower was a third of the way through 325ha of rape, with yields up to 0.6t/ha down on last year. Lioness was yielding 3.3t/ha, while Excalibur and Caracas were at 2.5 – 3.1t/ha.

“The yields are not very exciting. It’s probably from the cold and wet winter followed by this dry weather, but at least they had plenty of moisture for growing.”

He continued cutting early this morning when the moisture was at 9%. At that moisture quality was fine, but it was suffering at the lower moisture levels.

In comparison the wheat was “looking very well” and would be ready within two weeks.

• Crop: Oilseed Rape
• Variety: Lioness, Excalibur, Caracas
• Area: 325ha
• Yield: Lioness – 3.3t/ha, Excalibur & Caracas – 2.5 – 3.1t/ha
• Quality: Moisture 4.7%

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