Learn to profit from biomass

Could generating renewable energy earn money for your farming business?

Find out from leaders in the field by joining one of two Farmers Weekly tours to Austria and Germany.

Arranged by the Agricultural Travel Bureau and led by one of its members, the tours will explore the potential, practicalities and pitfalls of making money from renewable energy.

Both countries are world leaders in the production of biodiesel, biogas, geothermal and wind energy.

The seven-day tours will start in Frankfurt, Germany and end in Vienna after visits to farms, production plants and farmers’ organisations dedicated to unlocking the potential of biofuel.

Included on the itinerary are a visit to a biodiesel factory which uses oilseed rape as feedstock and an engineering company which modifies tractor engines and others to run on biodiesel.

Also planned are visits to farms, one of which presses its own rape for fuel and one with its own bio-gas plant.

The first tour is planned to leave on Sunday, 16 July and the second on Sunday, 8 October.

Both tours will be conducted in English.