Maize guide aims to reap crop’s potential

KWS UK has produced ‘Maize For Profit’, a new maize production guide to help producers maximise the crop’s feed potential in the ration.

The booklet will provide useful guidance prior to the coming harvest and in planning next season’s crop, says John Burgess, KWS UK maize specialist.

“We recognise maize is not getting any cheaper to grow and farmers want to gain maximum output from a relatively high input crop.”

“Consistency of feed value is also down to the way the crop is managed, so we have brought both practical crop management and feed elements together within the same guide.”

The guide focuses on approaches to harvesting and the effect maturity, harvest date and chop length have on ration structure.

The guide also covers the production of both corn cob mix (CCM) and crimped maize as a means of boosting available energy.

“Our focus is in offering increased harvest flexibility. We have selected a number of dual purpose varieties offering the option to harvest conventionally or delay and take to crop for CCM or crimping.

“This year looks set to offer some heavy yields. However, it is likely producers will experience a large variation in quality compared to last year.”

But, farmers should be assured, maize is still one of the most cost effective forages available.

For a copy, contact, John Burgess 01763 207 312