MEPs sign SOS petition, demanding full impact assessment on pesticides

Several MEPs have now added their voices to Farmers Weekly’s call for a full, EU-wide impact assessment to be carried out before final decisions are taken on the new system for approving pesticides.

The petition, now signed by over 1400 farmers, agronomists and other stakeholders, also insists that there should be no more “cut-off” criteria introduced as a result of the European parliament’s second reading.

The MEPs to sign our petition so far include:

John Purvis (Con), economics and monetary affairs committee: “The proposed restrictions will disastrously impact farmers in Europe, just when we badly need their output. The EU Commission must rethink this ill-advised proposal and implement a detailed impact assessment.”

Elspeth Attwooll (Lib Dem), fisheries committee: “Food safety and food security are important to us all. The wrong kind of pesticides legislation could be counter productive to both. That is why we need the fullest possible impact assessment.”

Robert Sturdy (Con), environment and agriculture committees: “Do not throw the baby out with the bath water. We need food and food security in these challenging times.”

Struan Stevenson (Con), fisheries and agriculture committees: “There is no need to ban substances that have passed the strict risk assessments currently in place: they are the most regulated chemicals in Europe.”

Alyn Smith (SNP), agriculture and industry committees: “The pesticides issue is top of my agenda. I am firmly of the view that, while this package is well intentioned, it will have knock-on effects that could be hugely detrimental.”

Ian Hudghton (SNP), fisheries and internal market/consumer protection committees: “As the EU debate progresses I will support the aims of the Farmers Weekly petition.”

Neil Parish (Con), agriculture committee chairman: “We need access to agro-chemicals to produce enough food.”

Catherine Stihler, (Lab), Glenis Willmott, (Lab), David Martin (Lab): “We are happy to sign the Farmers Weekly petition as one that will contribute to moving the debate forward on the regulation of plant protection products. Labour MEPs will want to be absolutely sure what the impact on crop yields will be in the case of any significant departure from the original proposal.”

We are now finalising plans to present our petition in Brussels, but its not too late to add your support. Please visit our Save Our Sprays campaign home page and sign our e-petition.

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