Milling quality bearing up

Harvest is about 40% complete in East Anglia, and milling wheat quality has held up better than feed varieties, according to Rob Munro at Fengrain.

“Yields have been disappointing, and there is huge variance in quality, both around the region, on farm, and even within loads,” he said.

Some farmers had almost finished combining, while others had barely started, and there was little rhyme or reason behind the mixed crops.

“Bushel weights range from 50kg/hl to 72kg/hl, and Hagbergs have slipped, although they are still at usable levels.”

Mr Munro estimated that 60-70% of milling wheat varieties would be usable, with more downgraded to feed than normal.

“We’re probably in one of the better areas of the country, even though it doesn’t feel like it.”

Oilseed rape and winter barley harvest was finished, with spring barley harvest also well through, he added.

“I think winter barley might be the crop of the year. Oilseed rape is back to average, and spring barley is surprisingly good.

“It’s dry today (27 August) so many people are back out combining again.”

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