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MYPREMIAN®. The Granular AN that meets farmers’ needs

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Borealis L.A.T is a member of the Borealis Group. Its fertiliser production sites are located at the heart of important agricultural regions in France, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Borealis L.A.T continues to be proud of its ability to support and supply their Granulated AN 33.5 N to farmers throughout the UK and Europe.

Recognised for its superior quality, impressive spreading capabilities and agronomic benefits, Borealis L.A.T Granular AN 33.5 N is acknowledged as a premium nitrate fertiliser.

To showcase these qualities we are delighted to introduce and promote its new name, MYPREMIAN®.

MYPREMIAN® is a premium Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser beautifully suited to meet the ever-growing needs of the UK farmer.

Due to its nitric form, growers are able to optimise their yields and maximise returns by retaining the nutrient in the soil optimising plant uptake regardless of the soil temperature.

Furthermore, the physical characteristics of MYPREMIAN®, high bulk density, optimised particle size, hardness of granule and resistance to caking all contribute to making this a premium product.

Borealis L.A.T place immense value on the importance of service. That is why MYPREMIAN® is available throughout the UK via a network of strategically selected distributors all year round.

All fully supported by a dedicated customer service and sales team primarily focussed on the UK market.

To complement MYPREMIAN®, Borealis L.A.T offers a selection of Nitrogen Sulphur grades and straight Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) under the MYNITRAS® brand.

MYNITRAS® products benefit from the same qualities as MYPREMIAN® and in doing so provide consistency to the grower from straight Nitrogen right through to Nitrogen Sulphur.

UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Tom Holt, state: “The decision growers make today in sourcing and choosing the right form of Nitrogen is such an important consideration.

The golden rules of using the right product at the right dose and at the right time are key in order to achieve maximum yields and quality crops.

The Borealis L.A.T product portfolio of MYPREMIAN® and MYNITRAS® are perfectly suited to meet UK growers’ demands.

We have carried out extensive testing on the efficiency of all our granular nitrogen products at spreading widths of 36m and beyond, and the results are fantastic. Excellent CVs are recorded even in less clement conditions”.

Furthermore, our plant locations in France allow us quick and direct access to the UK market through our preferred distribution routes all year round.

The new brand name of our Granular AN 33.5 N, MYPREMIAN®, summarises in one word all the benefits the grower will get by choosing Borealis L.A.T as their source of nitrates.

MYPREMIAN®, the only choice when it comes to guaranteeing the best nutrition for your crops as well as agronomical and economic benefits.

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