New additions to malting and brewing list

Just three of the six newly recommended barley varieties have progressed to the next stage of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s approval process.

Senova’s winter barley Talisman and Syngenta’s spring variety Sanette have both been granted provisional approval 1 for brewing use, according to the Maltster’s Association of Great Britain. Syngenta’s other new spring variety Glassel has achieved the same status for malt distilling.

Another year of testing data will now be gathered on all three varieties – two of which, Talisman and Sanette, also offer yield progression and top the latest HGCA Recommended Lists.

Of those barley varieties already in the testing system, RAGT’s spring variety Moonshine and Limagrain’s Odyssey have received full approval for malt distilling use, while Syngenta’s winter barley SY Venture moves to full approval for brewing use.

Other changes see Limagrain’s winter variety Archer and spring type Odyssey move to provisional approval 2 for brewing, with the company’s spring variety Overture making the same progression for brewing and malt distilling.

Removals from the approved list include Chronicle, Shuffle, Quench and Winsome, while the stalwart spring variety Optic has been removed for brewing use.

The announcement of the new list comes ahead of the start of the Cereals event on Wednesday (12 June).

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