New growth regulator offers better take-up

A new cereal growth regulator that offers improved take-up by plants is available to cereal growers looking to maximise output from their crops this season.

Optimus, the first growth regulator from agchem development company Makhteshim Agan (MAUK), boasts a unique, optimised formulation of trinexapac-ethyl which allows more efficient uptake of active ingredient into the plant and maximises its lodging prevention properties, said the company’s technical and development manager, Stuart Hill.

“The adjuvant system we have developed within the formulation reduces the surface tension of the spray droplet on the leaf,” he explained. “This increases the contact surface area of the droplet, allowing more active ingredient to move into the leaf over a given time.”

Tests show that 85% of the trinexapac-ethyl moves into the wheat leaf within five hours, compared with just 35% of that in the current industry standard. After 24 hours, the industry standard had still only delivered 50% into the leaf.

This higher efficiency of uptake means that the formulation and active ingredient spend less time exposed to possible weathering following application, thereby optimising the active ingredient available within the formulation, said Mr Hill.

“That means growers will be using less active for the same effect,” said Mr Hill.

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