NFU Scotland to fight proposed fertiliser restrictions

Proposals that would see a ban on the use in Scotland of pesticides and fertilisers on slopes more than 12 degrees are being challenged by NFU Scotland.

The union has said it will meet with top Scottish Government officials to challenge them to find a more risk based and proportionate route forward on diffuse pollution.

Nigel Miller, president of NFU Scotland, said: “NFU Scotland has lodged a strong submission to Scottish government, on behalf of members, opposing the proposed changes.

“Of greatest concern is the repeated mention of Scottish farmland that slopes more than 12 degrees and the restrictions that could be placed upon that land. A ban on the use of fertilisers and pesticides on this land could have a drastic impact on Scottish agricultural productivity and food security.

Mr Miller said the proposed changes took no account of the affect of weather, vegetation and application technology, but instead focused rather bluntly on the issue of slope.

“Risk based and proportionate action on diffuse pollution, working hand in hand with farmers, has to be the priority here – and we will be seeking to work with Scottish government to find a better solution going forward.”

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