Nottingham University offers answers to arable problems

Cereals 2009 exhibitor

Be it crop diseases, quality or profit that you want to know more about, the University of Nottingham’s Technology Transfer Centre stand at the event could have the answers.

Interactive displays and demonstrations, free technical information and pointers to profit will be on offer from what’s said to be the UK’s most powerful agricultural research university. Both fundamental and applied research will be on display on stand 551.

“Our research is focused on making a difference to breeders, growers and cereal users,” said TTC leader Rumiana Ray. “By working closely with industry Nottingham research programmes link basic and applied research. Linking with industry also offers potential research cost-sharing between funding bodies.”

According to co-founder Paul Wilson there are clear “profit drivers” in wheat production – lower variable costs, greater yield and higher prices.

“The top 10% of growers make £440 more profit per hectare than the average grower – our research focuses on these on these three profit drivers.

“Disease management, understanding physiological disorders such as pre-harvest sprouting and enhancing nutrient content for example with selenium in wheat, together with improved barley fermentation, all enhance cereal quality and end price.

“Reducing N requirements and improving nitrogen and water use efficiency gives a win-win, as do crop management techniques that reduce lodging thus reducing input costs and improving yield and grain quality. Our most exciting project looks at crossing Mexican and UK wheat varieties to improve grain numbers per ear to substantially increase yields of UK wheat.”

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