Opportunity to study’ life after fertiliser’

The Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust (NFST) has announced the opportunity for a scholarship to study ‘life after manufactured fertiliser.’

Sponsored by the Frank Arden Memorial Fund, the travel study aims to identify opportunities to reduce reliance on manufactured fertiliser and find alternatives to these increasingly scarce and costly inputs.

This special award is open to UK residents working in the fields of food, farming or forestry. Applications are invited up until the 18th March 2011. There is no age limit.

“Our current use of manufactured fertilisers relies on finite world resources,” said Stephen Watkins, NFST vice chairman.

“Whilst global reserves of potash are adequate for the foreseeable future, the availability of phosphate and the energy to produce nitrogen are both limited, and are expected to become increasingly scarce over the coming decades.

“We must start thinking hard about the ways in which our dependence on these manufactured inputs can be reduced, whilst also finding ways to use them more effectively.”

Successful applicants of the 2011 Frank Arden Award will be tasked with researching scientific and practical management opportunities.

Applicants are required to submit a proposal outlining their scheme of study, together with how they intend to act on their findings. Submissions should be presented on one side of A4.

Following the deadline for applications of 18 March 2011, interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held on 7 April 2011.

Successful applicants are required to commence studies immediately after selection to be able to complete the research element by early 2012.

The bursary provided allows for reasonable research and travel expenses, both in the UK and abroad.

Further information can be obtained from John Stones, Director Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust – Tel: 01858 555544 or on email.

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