PICTURES: Harvest Highlights Gallery grows to 600 images

The weather may be keeping combines at a standstill in some parts of the country – but the Harvest Highlights Gallery continues to grow.

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There are now about 600 images from around the country – some showing harvest at it best, while others show those harvest disasters such as fire, floods and sunken machines.

Here’s a selection from the past few days:

stunning combine UGC

Stuart Channer from Chesham in Bucks sent this picture of a Claas Lexion 570 Montana cutting spring barley in between the showers

combine fire UGC

Contractor Jonathan Cole from Cranworth, Nr Dereham in Norfolk sent in this dramatic picture of a combine on fire on a customer’s farm. The picture was taken by the combine driver – Matthew Sinton from New Zealand.

combine UGC

RA Backhouse & Son, Reedness, East Riding, Yorkshire, making inroads into the barley. Picture by Revd. Ken Sargeantson, Swineleet.

sunset UGC

 J Fleming cutting rape near Kelso, Borders on a sunny night on 11 Aug.

John Deere combine UGC

Trying to dodge the showers at Martin Jenkins Farming, Cambridge. They were cutting Cordiale and yields are looking good –  it just needs a bit of sunshine, says farm foreman Paul Downie.

You can submit your own pictures to the Harvest Highlights Picture Gallery by adding them directly or by emailing them to us. Don’t forget to include a short description of who you are, when and where the pictures was taken and what you are cutting – variety, moisture etc.





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