Pleasing yields near Berwick

Dave Runciman is extremely pleased with yields at Edington Mains, Chirnside, Berwick-upon-Tweed, but is frustrated by ongoing wet weather.

“The wheat hasn’t had ideal weather to finish if off over the past six weeks, and it’s not taking much rain to make the ground wet now. We don’t want any more.”

Compass oilseed rape on good land yielded an amazing 6t/ha (2.4t/acre) at 12% moisture. “We will lose 4-5% off the weight when it’s dried, but it was a fabulous crop.”

Catana, on some of the farm’s lightest land, averaged 5.6t/ha (2.25t/acre), while Marcant averaged 4.3t/ha (1.75t/acre) after drying down from 13% moisture.

“The yields have been amazing – but it’s general in this area; people have had very good rapeseed yields.”

Volume winter barley, cut for a neighbour, averaged a very pleasing 11.1t/ha (4.5t/acre), while Pearl at the home farm managed 8.9t/ha (3.6t/acre) at a malting specification.

“It did really well,” said Mr Runciman.

“The wheats look well, and will probably be ready in about a week.” Spring barley on a neighbour’s farm, would be ready in two to three days time, he added.

Crop: Oilseed rape
Variety: Compass
Yield: 6t/ha (2.4t/acre) at 12% moisture

Variety: Catana
Area: 26ha (65 acres)
Yield: 5.6t/ha (2.25t/acre)

Variety: Marcant
Yield: 4.3t/ha (1.75t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Volume
Yield: 11.1t/ha (4.5t/acre)

Variety: Pearl
Yield: 8.9t/ha (3.6t/acre)

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