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Once the potato harvest arrives, everything should be done to plan ahead, carry out routine maintenance and adapt machinery settings to the conditions. Discover the latest thinking, seasonal guidance and practical advice on reducing the risk of damaging crops and maintaining tuber condition. Storing potatoes after harvest is a specialist task, with attention being required to limit tuber damage at loading, retain crop quality over time and prevent sprouting.

Case studies

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How a potato farm is leading the way on lower CIPC rates

A North Yorkshire business is leading the way in being ready for life on new lower maximum doses of chlorpropham (CIPC), a key spud sprout suppressant, by developing a new application…

Practical advice

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10 ways to improve potato storage management

Storage is a crucial part of the potato production cycle, helping growers meet the demand for their crops throughout the year, but if carried out poorly it can be economically…


Tips on desiccating potato crops without diquat

Potato growers are being urged to explore alternative methods of potato haulm destruction this autumn, in case desiccant diquat does not pass through the EU re-registration process next year. The…


Maleic hydrazide could bolster potato sprout control toolbox

Maleic hydrazide is gaining a following among potato store managers to reinforce or even replace under pressure chlorpropham (CIPC) to control early dormancy break in potatoes. Although best known as…


A guide to reducing tuber bruising losses this potato harvest

Taking the time and focus required to prepare and set up a potato harvester correctly for a new season is fundamental to lifting a crop with the least possible tuber…

7 expert tips to get the most out of potato seed

The majority of seed potatoes will be on farm ready for planting by March. To ensure it is planted in tip-top condition, Crops asked Wholecrop Marketing’s technical director Chris Yardley…

Storage upgrade essentials for potato growers

Confidence in the potato sector is low and has led to a lack of reinvestment in storage infrastructure in recent years. But growers committed to the crop in the long…


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How the drought has affected potato yields and quality

The eating potato crop is forecast to be nearly 20% smaller than last year in north-west Europe because of the summer drought, with tuber size and quality also suffering. Some…