Price disgruntles farmer

Mr Raynor is very disgruntled with the price he is receiving for his good quality barley.

He blames this on high yields quoted by farmers on FARMERS WEEKLY Harvest Highlights.

He is now making a start on his “very flat” oilseed rape.

“We lost 200ha (500 acres) of rape and re-drilled it with beans which are now flat as a pancake.

“At the moment we‘re harvesting between showers” said Mr Raynor in frustration.

He described the harvest as slow, but added “the rape is doing better than last year.”

The crop is yielding about 3.7t/ha (1.5 t/acre).

Mr Raynor modestly declared “growing good quality crops has nothing to do with me, the farmer, but is 99% down to the weather”.

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