Return reusable containers

POTATO GROWERS must return any empty Nemathorin (fosthiazate) packaging, or there could be a shortage of supplies next season, Syngenta has warned.

Only three quarters of all 20kg Surefill containers sent out last year have been returned so far, said the firm’s Garth Bretherton.

“Reusable packaging is a costly extra in the production process, compared to conventional disposable bags and boxes, but containers reduce the risk of environmental pollution and eliminate waste.”

A grower with 50ha of potatoes could accumulate up to 75 Surefill containers, he noted.

Anyone with Surefill containers on farm should contact their distributor, then Syngenta will arrange collection, cleaning and refilling.

Providing containers are returned promptly, there will be no problem with Nemathorin supplies, Mr Bretherton added.

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