Seed merger puts new Nickerson-Advanta in UK top spot

SEED COMPANIES Nickerson and Advanta have announced plans to merge their operations into the UK’s largest single seed producer, with a £35m turnover.

The move comes about after Nickersons’ French parent Limagrain bought Advanta’s European business.

Farmers will still be able to buy brands previously sold by both companies, but the joint business will be known as Nickerson-Advanta Ltd.

The Nickerson division will focus on its activities in the arable sector, as well as marketing cereals, oilseeds and peas from group research projects.

Advanta will still concentrate on forage and amenity activities, including maize and grasses.

The headquarters for Nickersons commercial activities will remain Rothwell, Lincs, but a new site will be built for the Advanta business unit.

The new company will maintain wheat breeding at two sites in Norfolk and Suffolk, with other research shifting to Rothwell.

A spokesman said the move was a response to pressure from falling UK plantings and should guarantee reliable service for farmers.

The two companies are merging operations across Europe.

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