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Sencrop sponsors Technical Session at AHDB Theatre

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Our mission: helping farmers make better everyday decisions for a more comfortable approach to work, better yield, and more control over their environmental impact.

Cereal’s real-life trade show is back and will feature Sencrop as an exhibitor (stand 236).

It looks like normal life is returning, and this is invigorating.

Nevertheless, climate change, along with higher restrictions on agricultural practices, is an issue of increasing concern to farmers.

Sencrop’s focus is to facilitate decision-making at crop level with its range of connected, ultra-local weather stations, monitored via a user-friendly app that is accessible from everywhere, 24/7.

Indeed, its robust and precise material uses a 0G system to send information to the app, which was initially developed for and with farmers. 

Field stations from left to right: raincrop, windcrop. © Sencrop

Sencrop will sponsor a quick fire technical session on 30 June, at 2pm, at the AHDB Theatre. This technical session will focus on finding new ways to better manage pests and diseases and reduce the use of conventional pesticide.

Harry Atkinson, Sencrop representative, will share with invited guests the influence of weather and the importance of having access to accurate weather data when dealing with crop protection strategies.

Sencrop’s user-friendly app dashboard & rain radar. © Sencrop

Dr Belinda Luke, CABI, will talk about her work to find an alternative to neonicotinoids to control cabbage stem flea beetles.

Neil Havis at SRUC will talk about his research on the impact of applying ‘natural elicitors’ such as those derived from seaweed to boost the natural disease resistance of crop plants, and Wendy Harwood, John Innes Centre, will cover the impact of the UK’s stance on gene editing following the recent Government consultation.

This seminar is of interest to arable growers and, in general, to all farmers involved in crop protection and the evolution of technology to achieve better productivity.

Sencrop invites you to take part in this seminar. 

For more information and to book your place, see Cereals 2021 Quick Fire Technical Sessions.