Shropshire Showers

Showers in Shropshire had put a stop on harvest for Andrew Craig at Westwood Farm today. But, he was getting on well and was half way through cutting 360ha of winter wheat.

“There were no outstanding yields but it was a good average.” First wheats Claire and Robigus yielded 9.4t/ha, whilst second wheat Napier yielded 7.5-9t/ha.

“They are all feed wheats but it looks like they have nice samples. You can tell it’s weighing well because we’re getting good trailer loads.”

When they first started cutting winter wheat, moisture had not gone below 14%, but levels were now at 16%. “We’ve had to just fly it over the dryer to get one and a half percent out but we’ve had showers all day now.”

Mr Craig expected to finish within six or seven more dry days.

He added: “We’re running much earlier than normal. We’re not usually looking to start until about now so things seem generally pretty good at the moment.”

• Crop: Winter wheat
• Variety: Robigus, Claire, Napier
• Area: 360ha
• Yield: Robigus and Claire 9.4t/ha, Napier 7.5-9t/ha
• Quality: Moisture 14-16%

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